About Us

Hello and welcome to catmoment, A haven for cats content and a host of all critical and important information about cats. if the all-around comfort of your pet cat is your priority, Or you want some kingly and exotic treats and health for your lovely cat-loving self then you are at the right place!

Here at catmoment we live, And breath cats! Everything from what they like to eat, To what they like to wear, And even what they like to play, We specialize in everything from your little kitten to your full-size adult cat! The catmoment guarantees to bring your pet-friendly household so much joy and harmony with our wide range of fun, Innovative and quirky cat-related articles. What makes us different? We are not just a pet blog, We specialize in felines and understand their needs!

Why We Are Passionate About Cats 

Our background in cat care is filled with lots of fascinating, eventful and challenging adventures including rescuing more than 10 cats from terrible and dangerous environments, rehabilitated them and gave them a better life.

But we knew something had to change after a terrible accident. His name was RIGI and he was a sweet and curious cat. We took him in when his family moved away. He was a declawed cat that required an indoor life to keep him from the dangers of the woods around us. Although we tried with the whole of our might to always ensure he remained indoors, it only took one day of him sneaking out that caused his fatal death. He was attacked by wild animals and because he was declawed he couldn’t defend himself.

That particular event has added to the passion that drives us today to fight for the well-being of every cat out there. We say no more because one more would be one too many. Join us as we end this cruel procedure that mutilates our cats, causing them far more harm than a little scratch on a furniture. Isn’t it time we gave them a voice?!